• Pranamar Villas Santa Teresa Costa Rica
  • Pranamar Villas Santa Teresa Costa Rica
  • Pranamar Villas Santa Teresa Costa Rica
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Pack for a Purpose

Pranamar Ocean Front Villas and Yoga Retreat Sustainability Programme – Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

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From the very beginning of Pranamar’s manifestation we have dreamt of creating a special place that focused on community, consciousness and honoring nature’s gifts.

As practicing Yogis we believe it is important to consider the imprint we leave and the effects we have on our environment and planet. Simultaneously, we wanted to create a project inviting guests who appreciate aesthetic beauty, delicious cuisine, and impeccable yet unpretentious service to share in our dreams.

We will be working continually, with a strong commitment and devotion, towards the implementation of many programmes and sustainable efforts. We’d like to share with you some of the ways in which we are currently contributing:

- Complete, independent septic system that recycles water into the irrigation of our gardens.
- Hiring local workers from within the community.
- Using only biodegradable soaps and cleaners throughout the hotel/restaurant.
- Chemical-free, saltwater swimming pool.
- Use of energy saving light bulbs and appliances wherever possible.
- Monthly beach clean-ups involving the community.
- Monthly donation-only Yoga classes in Spanish for the local community.
- 10% of yoga class profits are donated to local schools/organizations.
- All Pranamar staff has unlimited access to attend our yoga classes for free.

Future plans in progress:

- Offering guests biodegradable water bottles to be used and refilled with filtered water available throughout Pranamar.
- Decreasing, and eventually eliminating, sales of plastic water bottles in hotel/restaurant.
- Composting organic waste from the restaurant to be used in our gardens.



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