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Pranamar Ocean Front Villas and Yoga Retreat – Bodywork & Wellness Treatments

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There’s no denying the benefits of massage. No matter the words we use to describe it – pampering, stress relief, therapeutic, rejuvenating – massage therapy (also called bodywork) can without a doubt contribute to your overall health, peace of mind, and feeling “young” and full of vitality.

Health experts estimate that stress leads to ninety percent of disease and ageing effects. How easy it is to become overworked, tired, stressed and anxious, but how often do we make the time to counteract all of that with the healing benefits of massage.

At Pranamar Villas & Yoga Retreat, we offer an abundance of bodywork treatments to benefit your body, mind and spirit and keep you healthy. From 60 to 90 minute massages using various different techniques to more intense 90-minute focused treatments on a specific area, custom bodywork or special “back to health” packages of several treatments, we’ll take complete care of you. Following our commitment to your health, all of our oils and lotions are 100% organic and made in Costa Rica.

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