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Pack for a Purpose

Focused Treatments

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These treatments will focus on specific areas of your body, allowing for deeper release and relaxation for distinct problems. Allow 90 minutes for each treatment.
Creating Space: Akashic Experience

Back, neck and shoulders

It is so common to hold discomfort and stress in these areas. Release physical tension with deep tissue yet gentle penetrating rocking movements, elongation and acupressure. Stimulate your body’s natural self-healing abilities. Surfers love this!  $105 – 90 min

Expansion: Inner Body Bright

Chest, abdomen, pelvis

Internal organ massage to remove blocked energy and increase breath capacity. We will work with the deepest insertions of your abdominal muscles and pelvis, using Myofascial Release to open your ribcage, giving your heart and lungs opportunity for maximum expression. Your belly will move in and out with gladness.  $105 – 90 min


Yogis Path: Integration & Flexibility

Lower back, iliopsoas and legs

Reestablish the connection between your upper and lower body. By working with your lower back, iliopsoas muscles (inner hip muscles) and legs, your range of motion and flexibility will be restored. Freedom created will open your body’s flow of movement, and deepen your yogic practice or enhance any physical pursuit.  $105 – 90 min


Managing chronic pain and discomfort

This treatment focuses on areas of injury, repetitive stress or bad postural habits. Based on an assessment with your therapist, specific muscles will be addressed to alleviate, if not eliminate, patterns of musculoskeletal pain.  $105 – 90 min



Shoulders, neck, lower back, internal organs, feet

After many hours of sitting and waiting, irregular meals, new air, water and weather while traveling, your body is in need of rest and relaxation. This treatment will ground you and give you peace through Internal Organ Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage. Your body will thank you!  $105 – 90 min

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