Santa Teresa, much more than surfing and yoga

Santa Teresa beach located on the Nicoya Peninsula, on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, is well known for its surfing waves and picture perfect sunsets. Santa Teresa offers much more than that, and your days visiting the area can be filled with exciting activities or relaxing downtime.

What to expect from a Yoga Retreat at Pranamar Villas?

The sound of the ocean waves breaking on the shore is the first thing you hear after a peaceful night’s sleep. You open your eyes to a villa decorated with colorful fabrics and Balinese furniture. Lush gardens and pools surrounded by bamboo structures are what you see from your window. You have chosen well, a retreat in the full senses of the word, not just to practice yoga, but also to disconnect from technology and reconnect with yourself, in a sustainable environment in tune with Nature.

Balinese inspired architecture


Gaia Bodywork and Wellness – Spa at Pranamar Villas

Gaia Bodywork and Wellness Pranamar Villas

Gaia Bodywork and Wellness – Spa at Pranamar Villas

Wellness, we hear that term often nowadays.  What does it really mean? Dictionary defines it as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”, but it’s a term with as many definitions as there are people.

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