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Travel Costa Rica easily as a vegetarian / vegan

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Travel Costa Rica easily as a vegetarian / veganIf you are a vegetarian or vegan, traveling in Costa Rica is easy. Even those needing a gluten-free or dairy-free diet will have options. Rice and beans (both black and red) are part of every meal, even breakfast. Plenty of tropical fruits, salads, steamed vegetables, fried plantains and corn tortillas are common and available. If you eat fish, the country is full of fresh fish (both saltwater and fresh water) and seafood.

At world-renowned Santa Teresa Beach, Pranamar Oceanfront Villas & Yoga Retreat specializes in healthy, gourmet cuisine and caters to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and other dietary needs. Their open-air Buddha Eyes Restaurant blends Pacific Rim and Asian cuisine with native Costa Rican and Italian touches. They feature organic Costa Rican fruits and vegetables, creative vegetarian cooking, and local fish and seafood.

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Massage is medicine: Health benefits are tangible

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Massage provides health benefitsVacation – we dream about it when we're working … and treasure it when we're on it. Vacation is time to relax, to unwind, to stop the "fast-paced rat race" and just enjoy.

There is no better quick entry into that unstressed relaxation mode than getting a massage or spa treatment. It truly is amazing what 60 minutes (or 90 minutes, or more, if you can) of making your muscles and body relax will do to produce those feelings of bliss and well-being.

With so many things competing for our attention in our fast-paced lives, it's challenging to find the time in our normal schedule to care for ourselves and keep balance. That fast-track life impacts our body in many ways. Somehow it seems easy to fall into being tired, stressed, anxious, or exhausted, yet harder to take the time to counteract all of that with something positive like the healing benefits of massage.

Massage releases stress & restores the bodyAccording to the American Medical Association, stress is a factor in more than 75% of illnesses today, and leads to aging effects. Visiting a spa or getting a professional massage is an opportunity to relax and recharge your mind, body and spirit. It gives you the desperately-needed downtime to restore yourself and create a healthier you.

Massage therapy (also called "bodywork") benefits you by relaxing taut muscles, increasing circulation, aiding in lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins, easing stress, and benefiting your whole body in many positive ways. It can boost your health and keep you feeling "young" and full of vitality.


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Scientists challenge world leaders to reduce CO2 levels

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Leading climatologists are calling on world leaders to take better action to control climate change after carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were measured at a disturbingly record-breaking high last month.
The Earth System Research Laboratory, belonging to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii, measured its daily average CO2 reading at more than 400 parts per million for the first time (that is 400 molecules of CO2 for every 1 million molecules in the air). The daily average CO2 figure on May 9 was 400.03, reported Dr. James Butler who is in charge of the Earth System Research Laboratory.

Mauna Loa Volcano NOAA lab / photo courtesy of NOAA

The last time CO2 regularly reached this level, scientists say, was 3 to 5 million years ago, before modern day humans existed, according to BBC News reports. Scientists say the climate back then was also considerably warmer than it is today.

"Mauna Loa and the South Pole observatory are iconic sites as they have been taking CO2 measurements in real time since 1958. Last year, for the first time, all Arctic sites reached 400ppm (parts per million). This is the first time the daily average has passed 400ppm at Mauna Loa," explained Dr. Butler in news reports.
The long-term measurements at Mauna Loa were started by Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientist Charles Keeling. In 1958, he found the concentration at the top of the volcano to be around 315ppm. Every year since then, the "Keeling Curve", as it has become known, has been inching higher, news reports stated.

Carbon dioxide greenhouse gases affect planetCarbon dioxide is regarded as the most important of the man-made greenhouse gases, coming principally from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, and is blamed for raising the temperature on the planet over recent decades. The usual trend seen at Mauna Loa is for the CO2 concentration to rise in winter months and then to fall back as the northern hemisphere growing season kicks in, notes BBC news reports. Forests and other vegetation pull some of the gas out of the atmosphere. This means the number can be expected hopefully to decline below 400 in the coming weeks, but the long-term trend is moving upwards.

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Happiness, bliss & the beauty of life on Santa Teresa Beach

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Are you happy?

Costa Rica is #1 on the Happiest Planet in the world indexThat seems to be the question being asked in recent times, from boardrooms to bars, international conference centers to offices of government leaders, business schools to book stores. Are we happy? Following our bliss? Living our passion? Are we "me-focused" or "others-focused"?


The tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan even measures its country's prosperity by its "gross national happiness" (GNH), measuring the spiritual, physical, social and environmental health and happiness of its citizens and natural environment. Bhutan's policy attracted great interest at the United Nations climate change conference in Doha, Qatar last December.

Costa Rica has made it to #1 on the Happy Planet Index for two years in a row (2012 & 2011), based on its national conservation policies, small ecological footprint, high quality of life and life expectancy rate all being "exceedingly above par", states Forbes Magazine. The Happy Planet Index is an annual survey conducted by the New Economics Foundation, a British think-tank that aims to measure the level of happiness in every country in the world. The ranking system establishes a solid link between happiness and the environment or nature.

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